Hettie’s Timeline

Before My Time


My Mom’s High School Album – 1

My Time

In the USSR

The Beginning of My Story

Spring 1963

Summer 1963

More on Summer 1963

My First New Year’s Eve

My Life As a Toddler: 1964

Summer 1964 Part 1

Summer 1964 Part 2

Summer 1964 Part 3

Children’s Fashions in the 1960s

Baba Ania

Fall 1964

My Childhood House

My Childhood Apartment

My Childhood Apartment Part 2

Beginning of 1965

Summer 1965. Nanny Katia

Summer/Fall 1965

1965/66 – Discovering Myself

Spring 1966

July 1966

September 1966 – Life Goes On

Summer 1967

A field trip to Oranienbaum, summer 1967

Summer 1967 – Pictures with my father

1967: Daycare

Food at Daycare

Daycare: Activities

Detskiy Sad At The Dacha p.1

Detskiy Sad At Dacha p.2

The First Trip I Remember 1968

Loo. September 1968

Spring 1969

Summer 1969: The Sanatorium

Sanatorium, part 2

Sanatorium, part 3

About Landing on the Moon

Loo September 1969


Summer 1970 – Narva-Joesuu

Narva-Joesuu, p.2

First Day of School

Elementary School in the Soviet Union, 1

Elementary School in the Soviet Union, 2

Home movies – 1971

Home movies 1971-1972

Home Movies 1972-73

School Uniforms

Soviet Propaganda For Kids

What I Thought About the Foreign Countries

Getting Into College and Soviet Anti-Semitism

More About Getting Into College in the Soviet Union

My First Semester at the University

Attending the University: Social Studies

Attending the University: English and PE

Attending the University: Learning Programming

Attending the University: Military Studies, Scheduling, and Transportation

Attending the University: A Typical Day

Psychology and Women’s issues

Student Life: Financials

Attending the University: Math-Mech Days

Native People of the Far North

How I Went Abroad for the First Time (Part 1)

My First Trip Abroad – Preparation (Part 2)

My Trip to East Germany (Part 3)

Dating and Getting Married While Being a Student

Getting Married

Getting the First Job After College

Children’s Hospital


Switching to the New Economic Model

About the Last Russian Revolution

In Russia

Winter 1991-1992

Parenting During the Economic Collapse

Spring 19912

Late Spring – Early Summer 1992

Pictures March 1992

More Pictures March 1992

More Pictures – Summer 1992

Summer 1992

Early Fall 1992: Work, School, and Daycare

Fall 1992: Finding a Stable Daycare

Winter 1992-1993: a Second Job

Working at UrbanSoft: Winter 1992-93

1993: New Daycare

My Ups and Downs at Urbansoft

Working Remotely in 1993

How I was fired from Urbansoft

Summer 1994: More pictures

Igor at the Boarding School: 1992-1994

More on Special Ed Boarding Schools

1994: Pictures from Daycare

More pictures

The Rest of 1994

1995: Gigs and Odd Jobs

Pictures From Summer 1995

Peterhoff Summer 1995

The Story of My Ph.D.

Our Trip to Poland Part 1

Our Trip to Poland Part 2

Our Trip to Poland Part 3

Our Trip to Poland Part 4

Fall 1995. Anna’s Ballet Classes

A Girl With a Monkey

Smolny in 1995

How I Didn’t Meet Putin

Pictures From 1995

The Rest of 1995

Goodbye to 1995

January 1, 1996

1996: My Last Job in Russia

How I Decided To Go To America

Getting Ready To Go To America

Summer 1996, Peterhoff

End of Summer 1996

ADBIS 1996

In the USA

Flying To America For The First Time

Our First Day In The USA

How My Life In America Started, And About My First CEO

My First Job In The USA

First Move In The USA

Our First Month In Palatine

December 1996. Gray Sanborn

Our First Christmas

A Picture of the First Christmas

My 9/11

How I learned about THAT…