Hettie’s Timeline

In the USSR

About Landing on the Moon

What I Thought About the Foreign Countries

Getting Into College and Soviet Anti-Semitism

More About Getting Into College in the Soviet Union

My First Semester in the University

Attending the University – Social Studies

How I Went Abroad for the First Time (Part 1)

My First Trip Abroad – Preparation (Part 2)

My Trip to East Germany (Part 3)


Switching to the New Economic Model

About the Last Russian Revolution

In Russia

Winter 1991-1992

Spring 19912

Late Spring – Early Summer 1992

Pictures March 1992

More Pictures March 1992

More Pictures – Summer 1992

Summer 1992

How I Decided To Go To America

Getting Ready To Go To America

In the USA

Flying To America For the First Time

How My Life In America Started, And About My First CEO