Summer 1964, part 2

More pictures from the same summer. I poster the picture below in the previous post.

The building behind us is this three-story building where Baba Ania and Deda Fedia lived. Their studio apartment was on the third floor, one window was facing his scene, and the balcony and the kitchen window faced right (where the wooden huts are). If you look at the ground under the balcony (on the right of this picture), you will see some sand. You can’t tell that this is sand, but if I tell you that it is there, you can figure out where exactly it is.

Now, look at the next picture.

We are playing in this dirty grey sand and trying to build something:). And on the next picture, I turn my head up and yell towards the balcony for Baba Ania to drop my little shovel to me.

You can also see, that I wear valenki on my feet, although it is a beginning of summer. And if you look like my mom and this boy are dressed, most likely the air temperature was 60-something. The reason I wear valenki is that I didn’t have anything else to wear except for sandals. You can also recognize the same coat I wore in winter, only now the sleeves are not that long :). As I said before, it was not really a winter coat, and in winter, I had multiple layers under it.

And now – much warmer day later this summer:

Sleeping with the pacifier 🙂

My historical posts are being published in random order. Please refer to the page Hettie’s timeline to find where exactly each post belongs, and what was before and after.

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