Just as I Finished Writing

Just after I published the previous post I saw a massage from our Park District:

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order to Shelter in Place and recommendations made by the CDC regarding large gatherings, the Palatine Park District has announced that all playgrounds, hard surface courts, and facilities are closed.
While parks and trails remain open, it is still not acceptable to be in large groups. Many people chose to disregard the Governor’s order and in return, the Park District has received an extraordinary amount of messages from concerned patrons about the volume of gatherings.
As a result, the Park District is taking further action to highly discourage those people who are ignoring the order by the Governor. Closed signs have been posted near all playgrounds. Playgrounds will be roped off with caution tape. Basketball rims have been covered, tennis and pickleball courts have been locked as well as the skate park. Soccer and lacrosse goals have been disassembled and our drinking fountains have been shut off and will remain off until further notice.
In order to complete these efforts and regulations, we must ask staff to leave the safety of their homes and expose themselves to surfaces that have been touched by thousands of people. Any of whom could be infected.
We are also working cooperatively with the Village and Police Department, and they are ready to assist with enforcement by dispersing people who do not follow the Governor’s order.
All that being said, we implore any of you who took part in the discouraged activity to seriously reconsider your actions. Please do not make us take the next step of closing down the community parks entirely. We want people to be able to get outside to get fresh air and go for a walk, but if this type of blatant disregard for the safety of others continues, we will be forced to do so.
On behalf of the Board of Park Commissioners, the Park District Staff, and all of our loved ones, please take this seriously! Do your part to flatten the curve and save lives!

What can I say? Just one thing – I am glad that I was not the only person who was concerned! I hope that people will behave responsibly!

Speaking About Our Favorite Grocery…

I wanted to share their message to all of their customers


We’d like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for our exceptional community which shows its true colors in challenging times. 
We’re overwhelmed with thanks for your loyalty and patronage. We feel so fortunate that you entrust us during these critical days.Our dedicated and trained staff are most happy when they’re helping and serving you. Our store wouldn’t be where it is today without their hard work. They make us proud every single day.
Thank you for understanding that placing limits on certain necessities is a normal occurrence. Know that we will never commit price gauging and are ashamed of grocers who do so. 
We will be making donations to our local food pantries to help those in dire need during this event. 
Please continue to practice good hygiene as we increase and enforce our efforts in keeping you safe. 

Palatine Public library in the News

We love our library since our first day in Palatine. Unfortunately, they do not feature anymore the old library sign, which announced the opening of the library in on September 8, 1923 – it has about 500 books back then. 

We grew up in this library. As a family. As citizens. There is so much more in the library than just books. In addition to all the materials you can check, in addition to all the clubs and lectures you can attend, it provides the meeting spaces, which is priceless for anybody seeking to find like-minded people.

Our library has been recognized several times as one of the best in the nation in it’s category. Last year was not an exception – it received “Star Library” recognition among neighboring and national libraries in the Library Journal’s Index of Public Library Service for 2019.

Interestingly, the same week, Igor showed me another article, which recognized the library for the outstanding marketing of its renovation project. The article in the Library Journal provides all details, and I can second their recognition. The way how the necessity of the changes was explained, how the library engaged the whole community into the discussion, and made sure each voice was heard was indeed outstanding. You could drop a response in the library collection box, you could reply online, or by mail, there were several public meetings held to discuss the renovation. 

I can’t wait to see how it will turn out!

About The Biking Event, And How I broke My Bike And Fixed It

On Saturday morning we had a first Palatine Community bike ride, with the Mayor and Village officials present. Although it was extremely hot, there was no question for me, whether to show up or not. Taking the weather into account, the participation was great. The police (both the cars and bikers) were escorting our cavalcade through the whole ride and would hold the traffic when we were crossing the Northwest Highway. It was a real community event, with many people participating for the first time.

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The Independence Day Weekend

I’ve returned from my Amsterdam vacation on July 3, just in time to dive into the 4th of July festivities. That was the plan; during all my twenty-three years in the US, there was only one time when I was out of the country on this day. It happened two years ago, back then there was no option for me to be away from work for more than a couple of days, and I went to Helsinki to see Boris taking only one day off in addition to the long weekend.

And I felt that I’ve missed out for the whole year! Something had happened, and I was not a part of it! After all, missing a birthday of the country is almost like missing a birthday of a family member.

After that one time, I’ve told Boris I will never do it again and agreed to come to Amsterdam before the conference only under a condition that I will be back to the US for the holidays.

I am spending this weekend with my family and friends, and the best part of it is feeling being a part of my community.