Valentine-Style Caramel Apple

Just a couple of statements:

  • I love apples in desserts (not that much as fruits)
  • I love caramel
  • I love cinnamon
  • I love almond
  • I love chocolate, dark, milk, and white
  • I hate peanuts
  • I hate salt in caramel

This being said, you understand my challenge in the nowadays sweets industry. And it also explains my joy when I spotted that creation at the cash register in the Eurofresh Store:

I’ve commented to the cashier that the only thing missing is cinnamon, for which he replied: don’t you have some at home? Just sprinkle over it! But let me tell you – it was super delicious the way it is!

Dessert Optimization

Even if you never being to Cyprus you might have heard about Cyprus food. Although our host characterized the hotel food as “a typical hotel food,” it was delicious! The challenge was to try as many dessert as possible (they would change the main menu and the dessert menu twice a day, and it was impossible to cover even a half of the items. That’s how my typical dessert plate would look:

A Little Bit Crazy Baking Saturday Night

Baking was my priority last Saturday, along with twenty other priorities. There were several recipes I wanted to try, besides, my quarterly over cleaning was on my calendar, and I wanted to make sure I bake before that. Well, the latter one is just an excuse :).

First I baked the apple cider donut cake

Also, I baked two kinds of pumpkin muffins. One oil-free and another almost vegan ๐Ÿ™‚

Dry Michigan cherries and walnuts added:)