Because I Love It: an Apple Cobbler

Not sure why my other blog didn’t allow me simply to reblog this, but whatever!

Here is it, the Apple Cobbler recipe, originally from here, and I finally made it right on Easter Sunday. Who says you can’t have a cobbler for breakfast?!

Mom loved it, too, although I was not optimistic about that. And as it happens sometimes (often) I didn’t get a chance to take a picture while it was still a whole thing πŸ™‚

And Another Positive Thing

I frequently visit Vanille Chicago French Market location (its under the tracks of Ogilvie transportation center). I also ordered from them several times, including my Mom’s 85th birthday cake. So there is no surprise I receive lots of promotional offers from them.

Last week, they sent an email: Monday is going to be a National Macaroon Day. Since we can’t celebrate it in the store, we offer a special – two dozen macaroons for a price of one, plus free delivery.

I ordered two sets: one went to Wisconsin, to Anna and family, and another – to my address. I sent one of my boxes to Vlad and Dylon, and the last one is mine :). I liked how they packaged the macaroons:

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Sweet Stopover

Yesterday, I had my second cataract surgery. I think it went somewhat better than the first one, but I will share more details after today’s follow up.

That time, the surgery was earlier in the day, we were supposed to show up at 8-15AM. And when we were going back, it was almost lunch time. I suggested we will go out, just because we haven’t done so for a while. We tried a couple of places on Palatine, but there was nothing we really liked.

So we decided to do what I actually do sometimes, and looks like Vlad does sometimes as well: having ice-cream for lunch and instead of lunch πŸ™‚

Both of us had affogato, I had int with coffee ice-cream, and Vlad – with vanilla (only mine is shown), and then Vlad had a scoop of strawberry ice-cream, and I had a blueberry pie one. Two-cource lunch, I’d say πŸ™‚

One the Positive Side

Three people reminded me yesterday about the Fat Tuesday – and I’ve honestly forgotten about it! So made a run to the Eurofresh to get some paczkis (in case people doubt I eat paczkis – I do!)

One with custard, one with prunes

Also, I got to sleep without an eye shield for the first time after the surgery and was able to use the face mask and to apply a hydration cream on my eyelid – first time since the surgery.

Also, since my “no bending” ban is lifted, I could do all of my yoga poses, including a downward-facing dog (and I can tell, I didn’t do it for a whole week!) It is going to be a productive day today!

Valentine-Style Caramel Apple

Just a couple of statements:

  • I love apples in desserts (not that much as fruits)
  • I love caramel
  • I love cinnamon
  • I love almond
  • I love chocolate, dark, milk, and white
  • I hate peanuts
  • I hate salt in caramel

This being said, you understand my challenge in the nowadays sweets industry. And it also explains my joy when I spotted that creation at the cash register in the Eurofresh Store:

I’ve commented to the cashier that the only thing missing is cinnamon, for which he replied: don’t you have some at home? Just sprinkle over it! But let me tell you – it was super delicious the way it is!

Dessert Optimization

Even if you never being to Cyprus you might have heard about Cyprus food. Although our host characterized the hotel food as “a typical hotel food,” it was delicious! The challenge was to try as many dessert as possible (they would change the main menu and the dessert menu twice a day, and it was impossible to cover even a half of the items. That’s how my typical dessert plate would look: