Home Movies from the 1970s, Part 3

That is the last of the three digitized movies. It covers the period from summer 1972 to winter 1973. I am nine years old at the beginning and ten at the end. In the beginning, you can see that my front teeth are broken. That was due to an accident at the carnivals when Mom and I were riding a tiny electric car and bumped into another one. At that time, there was no easy way to fix them, and they remained broken until I was nineteen or so.

That summer, I was at the same place in Estonia, and I played with the same dog Neron as a year earlier. We went on a trip to see an Orthodox Convent. A cat named Dunia lived in the house where we were renting. Also, I think I’ve visited an exhibit of Rodin’s sculptures because I am trying to present them :).

In the last scenes of this movie, I am already wearing glasses. Mom and I are going cross-country skiing, and most likely, my Grandfather was filming us.

Enjoy 🙂

My historical posts are being published in random order. Please refer to the page Hettie’s timeline to find where exactly each post belongs, and what was before and after.

2 thoughts on “Home Movies from the 1970s, Part 3

  1. Какой трогательный фильм, и девочка такая живая и радостная 🙂 Я включила за кадром подборку Ларса Холльмера, прямо так здорово получилось! Я сама про себя делала фильм из фотографий на эту музыку.
    Я примерно так же каталась на лыжах, мешая себе палками!
    А в белом платье в очках примерно в середине – это тетя Кима?

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  2. Там есть и тетя Кима, и баба Фаня, и дядя Миша, и еще куча народу. Мне сейчас не сообразить, кто где когда, но скорее всего – да.


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