June 1995. Our Trip to Poland. Part 3

Waldek dropped us off at Krynica Morska in their small house and left. 

There were several small rooms, I do not remember exactly, how many, a kitchen and a bathroom. Waldek showed us where the local grocery store was and how to get to the beach and to the pier. And then he left.

I had to start living in our temporary home by going to the grocery store and buying literally everything I needed and cook our first dinner. By that time, younger people already didn’t learn Russian at school, and almost nobody spoke English. Not at the grocery store. My Polish was marginal. I struggled with every other word: I remember that it took me three days to figure out that smetana and smetanka are two different dairy products, and I needed the former.   

Well, cooking was not a big deal, and the store had everything I needed. But I was planning for a beach vacation, and that was not going to happen! It was cold and rainy. For the first two days, the rain was pouring non-stop. The kids had almost no toys, we had only one book with us, and after I figured out how to turn on the TV, it appeared not much use, since everything was in Polish. Also, the roof started to leak, and I was frantically searching the house for a bucket. 

I remember me sitting in this house, pouring rain outside, the water from the ceiling dripping into a bucket, Polish cartoons on the TV… and thinking: why in the world did I decide to bring my kids on this trip?!

On the third day, the rain stopped, and we walked to the beach. The white sand beach was empty, the kids wore jeans and sweatshirts (the only ones we had with us, I didn’t plan for cold weather).

Krynica Morska beach nowadays (By rysnal, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=56541574)

On the pier, vendors were selling all that regular touristy-resort stuff, like beach towels, inflatables, beach balls, and toys. Vlad and Anna took turns in throwing tantrums because they wanted this or that.

Another day passed, and it started to warm up. But then Anna started coughing and having her usual thing, and I did not let her go into the water. In the end, we had several nice days, and everything was almost picture-perfect. 

From the house to the beach, it was a thirty minutes walk. I was making sure we didn’t forget anything we needed for a half-day away on the beach. I remember that once we forgot something. I can’t remember now what exactly, but apparently something important. I realized that we forgot that something half-way to the beach, and I had to give Igor the key to run back to the house and get whatever we were missing. Sounds crazy now, especially in the world with no cell phones. 

I was also looking for some cultural activities, and found that we could take a boat to the Copernicus Museum, which we did one of the days – one more post to follow.

My historical posts are being published in random order. Please refer to the page Hettie’s timeline to find where exactly each post belongs, and what was before and after.

2 thoughts on “June 1995. Our Trip to Poland. Part 3

  1. Hmmm. And why did you choose to go there? Why not go to Estonia or Yurmala if you wanted a vacation on the cold Baltic sea? 🙂


  2. Because it was supposed to be much warmer :). Because it was ABROAD, and because it was 1995, and Estonia was not a vacation place


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