July 1966

It has been several months since I last wrote a historical post. I moved and got settled, so there are no more excuses. I am going to continue from where I stopped back in March – summer 1966.

It is summer again, and I live in Sosnovaya Polyana with Baba Ania and Deda Fedia. And once again, most of the pictures are taken by my father. It might be that it was the only time that summer he visited.

My parents were already divorced by then, but I do not remember that something changed drastically in my life. My father was on and off by that time; the late-night fights continued, though less frequently.
I am assuming that it was my father who bought me a bike. A bike had training wheels, and I never learned to ride a regular bike when I was a child. Believe it or not, I only learned to ride a bike in the US after both Vlad and Anna learned it.

But here I am, happy on my four-wheel bike :).

On the next picture, the building on the left of me is a dairy shop, and a building with the clock is Bania – the public baths.

Inside the apartment. I loved to play under the old Zinger sewing machine which is behind me – it was my Dollhouse:).

In the kitchen. The old wood stove is on the left of the gas stove. The kombucha grows in a big glass jar on the window.

By that time, I already started to hate my father. he was not around, and I knew that my mom hated him. I ensed that she would really like it if I would hate him as well.

And a coule of pictures outside:

My historical posts are being published in random order. Please refer to the page Hettie’s timeline to find where exactly each post belongs, and what was before and after.

4 thoughts on “July 1966

  1. какие у тебя чудесные детские одежки))
    вот бы внучкам примерить.


  2. у меня сохранилась буквально пара вещей. Шерстяное все распускали и перевязывали на бОльший размер. Все хорошенькие вещи – самовяз.


    1. от моего детства осталось только одно платьишко.
      но зато уже со стороны своего опыта нарочно оставила несколько знаковых Дашиных вещей. вдруг у неё будут дети, вот и поносят ))

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