My First New Year’s Eve

Since Christmas was forbidden in the Soviet Union and later partially rehabilitated in the form of New Year’s celebration, I can’t tell, “it was my first Christmas. ” Instead, it was “my first New Year,” December 31, 1963. The New Year was especially a big deal in our family because Aunt Kima’s birthday was on January 1.

I cherish these pictures because they are atypically live for that period, and none of them are staged photos. I believe my Mom never printed the pictures from that roll, which did not include me, so until we scanned the film, I didn’t know what a treasure I have in my possession.

I have some memories from that day, in part because Mom showed me these pictures often.

I just started walking and preferred to stay close to the walls:)
I observed the world at people’s knee hight, the table was way above me, and I remember the feeling
With great-grandma Gitly, Baba Gitia
She was a matriarch of the family and ruled the house
This armchair is so memorable for me! With Mom and Uncle Slava, my father’s brother
With Uncle Slava
Holding to Baba Gitia’s bed. This is something I remember vividly: the grey thick cloth, and the look and feel of it very close to my face. And then in a second the bad starts moving, and I fall down 🙂
Long way from Baba Fania’s room to Dodik’s room
With Uncle Misha. He was actually my grand-uncle, but he didn’t like to to be in the “grandpa” status:). I was supposed to call him uncle, although he was my grandmother younger brother
With Uncle Misha
Napping on my Mom’s lap

If I would follow the order of the images on the original roll, the next one is a picture of me sleeping in my bed. But this picture is of a very poor quality, so I am not posting it here. But in any case, I was put to bed, and the adults continued to celebrate 🙂

David, the son of Aunt Kima, is my third cousin. His home name was Dodik, and here he is seventeen.
Baba Fania (my grandaunt), Mom from the back. To the left of my Mom is Raya, I am not sure, whether she and her husband were just friends, or somehow related.
Aunt Kima on the right, and I have no idea who is a person on the left.
Mom and Baba Fania
Uncle Slava (I enlarged the picture when I was making a better photo for his funeral service, and then lost the original)
Happy New Year!
Uncle Musha posing as Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost). From left to right: Aunt Kima, Raya, Baba Fania, Raya’s husband Yasha (Jacob)

I find it very interesting looking at all the small details which didn’t seem that important to my father when he was taking pictures. You can see that the wallpaper is torn off in many places, and nobody bothered to fix it even temporarily. To replace the wallpaper was a big project, but now I am wondering why everybody felt OK with all these torn pieces, lots of cracks, and the peeled-off paint. And at the same time, the dresses are fancy for the time, and the china is spectacular. And there are all these pieces of furniture from “before the revolution.”

My historical posts are being published in random order. Please refer to the page Hettie’s timeline to find where exactly each post belongs, and what was before and after.

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