Christmas Comes to Palatine

Everybody is posting pictures of beautifully decorated streets and houses, and it’s challenging to stand out in this crowd. I am still going to post the photos from the Holidays on the Town event in Palatine.

Last Friday, the was an official ceremony of the Lighting of Chicago’s Christmas Tree, but I didn’t stay in the city. I returned to Palatine to take my Mom on the tour of our local businesses. Everybody stayed open till 9 PM; everybody had food and drinks for the visitors, and each shop was beautifully decorated.
I was really happy that with my new iPhone 11 Pro I could take the perfect shots in the dark!

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Now Life is Getting Better and More Holiday-like

Last night I was finally done with preparation for my training, meaning I completed the presentations for the last two topics. I will do a dry tun of this last hour, the same as I did for the previous five hours for my coworkers. There will be still lots of edits, proof-reads, etc. but at least I have no more untouched parts. There is still work, more work than ever, and also lots of things to do for the conference and the holidays, but I feel tons better now!
Even during this crazy week, I still had some holiday fun. On Thursday, we had a Thanksgiving potluck at work. I decided that this is a good opportunity for me to expand people’s horizons and made borsch โ€” tons of it. Two large containers went to the potluck, another two – to the Youth Shelter, one – to my neighbors, and one – to Mom.

The potluck itself was great, lots of food of all possible origins. As usual, desserts are my favorite part of the deal, and I made an effort to sample them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, in short breaks between meetings, I managed to get to the post office and to B&N and get the holiday packaging and the Christmas cards.

I always order holiday stamps directly from the USPS website, because in the post offices, they often run out of some designs. This time I could not resist ordering a couple of USPS ornaments ๐Ÿ™‚

More to come!

A Busy Life, but I am Thankful!

I am still insanely busy. There are several big projects at work, and I know that I need to put a lot of effort into planning and design before any work can even start. I know exactly, what needs to be done, but there is not enough time and not enough of me :). 

Also, there are still huge parts of training for the conference, which I didn’t prepare yet. 

When I first suggested I will do this training, I knew that I would need to spend tons of time vetting the examples, removing the company-specific parts, and also checking all the execution times and plans. And I knew it would take time. And it does! So for the past three weekends, it was mostly work. Not volunteering, not even doing stuff around the house, but plain work. Although the conference is in the first week of December, I need to finish everything this week, because I am doing a dry run in the office for my co-workers. I am immensely thankful to Boris for doing lots of dull work with this training, like formatting and re-formatting slides, getting pictures, in addition to the actual course development. 

Also, I have to give a talk at the same conference, on day two, and I need to find another four to six hours to bring it to where I want it to be. 

That’s about work and professional development. But I absolutely can’t skip the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, and I can’t miss on that! I have a feeling that I need a third brain to keep all the holiday things under control ๐Ÿ™‚ And the fourth brain to keep all the processes smooth, and my mood calm, and overall experience being enjoyable. 

Christmas cards, cookies, Secret Santa, and “adopted families.” And a German Market in the CIty. And most importantly – my loved ones. 

Holiday Post: Christmas Cards, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Wishes

Since this year I am on WP more than on other platforms, I think it will be a good idea to extend my “Christmas Cookies for All” campaign to this blog. Here is how it goes every year:

  • I love sending and receiving Christmas cards from all over the world. If you want to exchange Christmas greetings with me, please send me your postal address in the contact form. Will be happy to send a card to any place in the world:)
  • I am baking tons of Christmas cookies and sending them also pretty much all over the world, although sometimes I have to put a limit on the total number of parcels sent. If you are interested – let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

Just to give you an idea – that’s how my house looks before Christmas –