About This Blog

Before June 2019, my only English blog was A World of Data, a professional blog, dedicated to my passion for data and information management.

As for my personal life, political, social, and other issues – all this has belonged to the Russian blogosphere and remained mostly unknown to my American friends. Those who’ve heard of my story would often say: Hettie, you should write a book about yourself! I doubt it will ever be a book, but finally, I’ve decided to answer these requests and to tell my story in English.

First, I intended just to tell my story. But after I’ve spent some time working on this blog and making myself comfortable at this new place, I’ve changed my mind. I thought that my story won’t be complete if I won’t be writing about my views, my passions, about my everyday life and about the people who surround me – everything real bloggers are writing about :).

This blog will tell a story of my life in the Soviet Union, in Russia and in the United States. It will describe how my personality, my political views, and my views on many subjects were changing during my life journey.
There will be posts about parenting, volunteering, arts, cooking, environment, healthy lifestyle, and many other things, which make me the kind of person I am. At least, this is the intention for now 🙂

The “historical” posts of this blog are not organized chronologically. I’ve started to tell my story from the pivotal point of my life – coming to the US, and I am planning to continue in both directions, covering what was before and what happened after.

The page Hettie’s Timeline will hold the links to all of these “historical” posts in the chronological order.

And now – follow this link to read my blog posts!