I unpacked almost everything; the only box which is still waiting to be unpacked is the box with winter boots. Granted, many things are not in their right places yet, but the rearranging can be done later.
I am still waiting for several deliveries, and I am still trying to catch the blinds of the correct size; and I need to figure out the cabinets for the dining room, but my new home already feels like home. I love it.

And I have the nicest neighbors. And a new cleaning lady is great. I never had the hardwood floors everywhere, and I was really impressed with how she mopped them!

And the lake! I biked in the morning, and I took a walk after work (the work is crazy, BTW), and I can’t even tell how much i love it being by the water!

3 thoughts on “Unpacked

  1. It’s a little bit tricky – there are 20 units total, but they are located in six different tiers in the different buildings. My building is the largest one, it has seven units in two tiers. Funny story – in my townhouse, I had a common wall with my neighbor, while here I have no common walls with anybody.


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