Making It My Place – Work In Progress

This week, I somewhat “returned to work,” and it turned out that there is a lot of work. As a result, I feel completely exhausted by the end of the day every day. Also, I continued to unpack and make small improvements, like hanging things on the walls. Also, things keep falling apart:)

I scheduled faucets replacement for Saturday, and fingers crossed, that will be fixed.

I finally installed a new toilet seat instead of the one with the paint partially off:).

I unpacked all of the boxes! Dylon took some of the boxes to my mom. My neighbor from downstairs, who is moving in a month, took almost all the rest. 

I managed to catch when two kinds of KALLAX units were available at IKEA and ordered both. The bigger ones were delivered on Friday, and I assembled one of them, which is a great achievement. The others are scheduled for delivery on Monday.

Another IKEA purchase, a sleeper unit, was delivered, but they left it downstairs!!! Fortunately, Dylon was a hero, and he came and brought it up. 

I learned to operate my new washer/dryer; it works much better than the machines I had in Palatine. 

And just when I thought that things are getting better, it turned out that the air conditioner is not working after all of the repairs!

I won’t have mental resources until Monday to call for repairs 🙂

And also, none of the ceiling light fixtures work.

And since several people asked me for more pictures – here are some

Living room
My office

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