Stay At Home Meals

I like posting pictures of my meals – and I always liked it! I love it when my food looks pretty, even when I am the only person at the table (which is most of the time). Also, I do not like to spend a lot of time cooking, and I do not like recipes with many ingredients. Whatever appears at my food photographs, is always fast and easy to make.

90% of my food pictures show some breakfast food because that’s my favorite meal of the day. And my friends were keeping asking me why I never post any pictures of my dinners. Well … because by dinner time I always forget that I planned to show all my meal of the day:).

During these past two weeks, there were no changes to how I eat at home. I would still arrange everything nicely on the plate because I enjoy it. It does not take much time, and really improves your mood! These pictures are all from one day last week. Full disclosure: coffee, chocolates, and other sweets not included :).

Breakfast: egg whites with vegetables, mushrooms and two tablespoons of greek yogurt (microwaved)
Lunch: a strawberry salad. Mixed greens, strawberries, feta cheese, sliced almonds. Dressing – raspberry balsamic and almond oil, both from Vomfass
Fried beef liver with buckwheat, cucumbers and bell pepper

People do not believe that the liver is eatable:), but it is! Also, it is less than $2.00 a pound at my local store, comes pre-sliced and takes five minutes to fry.

Not shown: three to four 12 oz cups of coffee, two to three cups of black tea, chocolate and cookies – amounts are not disclosed 🙂

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