Eye Surgery – One More Follow Up

That is one more report for close friends.

My eye doctor’s office is closed, which was a bummer, especially because many other eye doctors are open for emergencies (and post-surgical is considered an emergency). She arranged for me to see my eye surgeon instead. I called twice to make sure he will be able to give me new glasses prescription because they usually would not do it in the clinic. I had to take Uber because I thought that my eyes would be dilated (they were not) and because that’s too far for me in the less than perfect glasses. I haven’t taken Uber since the time of peace and was not sure how many drivers are still around, so I scheduled the ride for the first time. It turned out it was not necessary – there are plenty of drivers out, all looking for riders.

As for the eyes, the clinic is operating more or less as usual. My eyesight is presumably stable, and I ended up being around -4, as it was projected int the very beginning. I also asked for the daily contacts prescription, even though they do not recommend the contacts during the pandemic. And in any case, I need to wait for two more weeks to try them. But eventually, I hope to be back to contacts. Mostly because I need to wear prisms for driving, and I do not like how I wear two pairs of glasses one over another these days. But even this inconvenience aside, I didn’t wear glasses for thirty-nine years, and before that, I had them only for ten years! I hate the fact of wearing something over my nose almost as much as I hate wearing hats:)

We shall see. Today, however, my goal was to get the right lenses in my glasses. Last week, when I learned that my doctor wouldn’t be in, I called Lenzcrafters, and they said they would replace the lenses, just make sure to fax the prescription when I have it.

Honestly, I am so glad that they still provide in-person service, although it is very limited (only for emergency cases), and their hours of operation are reduced. But at least they had an actual person in today! My neighbor was out, so I ended up taking Uber two more times :). I waited in the shop until my glasses were fixed, which took about forty minutes. It was great to be able to see clearly again!
These glasses are not bifocal, so I need to take them off while working on the computer or wear two pairs, I will see what will work best. When the war is over, I will experiment with multifocal contacts, but for now, it’s good to be able to see :).

Oh, I also forgot to mention, that they didn’t charge me anything for the new lenses again! They said it’s free up to thirty days after the initial pickup!

I will need to see the surgeon in two months to check whether I will need a film to be cleared from the implants. And then to take care of one more complication. I wish I knew when it would end, although I understand that I am lucky to be done with the surgeries before new times.

I ended up almost not working today and then had to purchase and deliver groceries to Mom. I finally talked her into not going to the store by herself, but when she finally agreed, it had to be done on a workday, which adds to my daily challenges.

But once again, I know that I am in a way better spot than many other people. Just talking to the four Uber drivers today was enough. I do not think anybody can feel secure these days. Even if your own business can be conducted remotely if other people can’t work and do not have a disposable income, they won’t be able to purchase the services you are offering, and your own business will suffer as much as their’s…

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