Kilkenny – The City And The Castle

Back to my third day in Ireland: after visiting Glendalough National Park, we drove to Kilkenny – a small town with a gorgeous castle! Kilkenny Castle has a rich history, being continuously occupied for over 800 years. It’s even harder to imagine that for more than half of that period, it belonged to one family. The last owner handed the castle to the state so that it would become a museum and not turn into ruins, as many Irish castles did.

Currently, most of the castle rooms represent the later stage of the castle’s history, with elaborate furniture and decorations.

There were carnivals and a crafts fair going on in the city (I guess St. Patricks Day-related)

The city itself is also beautiful and has a big portion of the Medieval town still preserved.

Got this pendant at the crafts fair – 8,000 -years-old oak!

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