Glendalough National Park

On Saturday, my friends took me to two places outside Dublin. The first place we visited was Glendalough National Park. First of all, it’s an exceptionally beautiful park, the nature is amazing, there are hills, lakes, waterfalls, and old trees. Most important, however, is that it is the oldest monastic site, founded in the 6th century!

The trees covered with moss
I know that pictures do not give justice to this place; but try to imagine how this 11th church looks surrounded by the hills and woods!
What you see up there, was a door to this tower! The monks would get in using a ladder.
Not sure whether these young trees are protected from the wildlife or from tourists
Obsessed by holly growing in a wild 🙂

The rain started and stopped a couple of times, but overall, gods were on our side!

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