Russian dissidents attend the February 24, 2023 Ukrainian rally

The video about the Russian dissidents, most of whom recent arrivals, attending the February 24 rally at Chicago’s iconic Saints Volodymyr & Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church. The original version of the video has been up for a while, but writing the English subtitles and getting it uploaded took a while longer.

And, as a bit of a bonus, the subtitled version of the video Chicago dissidents put together about the rallies that took place across the world on February 24-25, including the February 25 Chicago rally.

(Because of some of the Discourse taking place in the dissident groups, I want to point out that when I say “Russian” I mean citizens of the Russian Federation. Russia is a multi-ethnic country, which over a 100 ethnic groups calling the county home – but while Russian language has separate words for Russian citizens and ethnic Russians specifically, that distinction gets lost in English).

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