Tallinn: Getting Inside

The rain started shortly after 11 AM, as forecasted. At first, we could ignore the random drops, but later, the rain became more substantial, and we switched to numerous museums and cafes.

The first cafe we landed in was Maiasmokk, the oldest in Tallinn (in business from 1864). That was the first public space we entered in Tallinn, and there we learned that by city ordinance, proof of COVD vaccination is required to enter any place. Masks are still required.  

Tallinn depends heavily on tourism, and I was very happy to observe that this requirement didn’t impact tourism negatively and that the business owners were happy to comply with the city ordinance. 

This round pastry with cinnamon was heavenly good!!!

We were still hoping that the rain would eventually stop, and kept stopping at all the interesting places on our way. The next stop was the old Town hall Apothecary, which operated in the same building for at least 600 years!

It still operates as a pharmacy, although the nowadays prescriptions do not include dried bats or pieces of mummies 🙂

Medieval remedies
Remedies from the beginning of the 20th century

The rain became even worse, and the next stop was a Marzipan Galery.

There was one more museum, and one more cafe – to be continued!

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