Pullman Open House

On Saturday, Igor, mom, and I went to the Pullman Open House to tour the homes. The weather was gorgeous; I do not remember ever being on that tour on such a perfect day. Also, that was the best open house we’ve attended from the organizational point of view; the route was planned perfectly, the sights were clearly marked.

Most of the houses which were this year were the new ones. And this time, no pictures were allowed inside, except for two places that contained exhibits.

Mom got tired of climbing the stairs in most houses, but overall, she liked this whole experience, and I am glad we took her out. Like one of the older volunteers commented: keep her moving!

Inside the Greenstone Church
All houses had very narrow and steep staircases, which were challenging fro my mom
Inside the Historic Pullman Center
The last car made on Pullman factory
I am not sure how to interpret that:)
One of a few signs from the 2014 Friends of Pullman project – the owner decided to keep it
One Florence Blvd building is being restored. It is projected to be open in Spring 2022. It will be a starting point of the new project: At Home in Pullman, which will feature several early Pullman resident families. The are going to have a gift shop, the much-needed coffee shop and more

Then something interesting happened. One of the stops of the house tour was a newly built home in the style matching the nearby historic houses. We entered the studio on the first floor. Igor started to talk to the homeowner, and asked whether he could possibly see her before.

It turned out, that he interviewed her a little bit over two years ago! Later he found the article and sent it to me.

As I said, the weather was perfect, the volunteers were extremely helpful, the only things I wish would be better was a very limited choice of food and the absence of coffee!

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