My Neighbor’s Daughter

Yesterday. my neighbor told me that her older daughter died from a heart attack. And for the past 24 hours, I can’t come to terms with that.

My neighbor and I moved in almost at the same time, 23 years ago. I knew all her children, two daughters, and a son, for almost the same time.

Her older daughter was fifty-five, and I can’t come to terms with her death.

I am blaming myself for not stopping by or texting my neighbor for the whole week. She is literally next door to me. We talked on Saturday, and her daughter died on Sunday. And I didn’t know until Friday.

Because of COVID, there was no service or anything; she was cremated, and that’s it.
It’s just something that should not happen…

2 thoughts on “My Neighbor’s Daughter

    1. Thank you. That was not really related to covid, we have pretty low rates in Ilinois, and hospitals are not overloaded. IT was jus what it was…


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