Canceled Performance

Today, Igor. mom and I were going to see an outdoor performance of the Goodman Theater new production Speak Out! And we went, only to find out about the last-minute cancellation, and it was a long trip for us from Palatine to Portage Park.

One of the performers was tested positive, and they suspended all performances until everybody would get tested and receive results. Which is the right thing to do, but why in the world they didn’t notify us?! Although the performances are free, they asked people to sign-up for email updates, just in case. And that was the case! Also, they didn’t have any updates on the theater webpage, only on their Facebook page.Total wasted time – almost two and a half hours.And that’s me trying to take a break from my two weeks non-stop work + book marathon. I could do something more productive at that time…

2 thoughts on “Canceled Performance

  1. Yeah, back when I was still active in politics, I was running into this same thing: time, date, or venue changes announced only over twitter or facebook or whatever but only just on that particular platform. That, in addition to leaving off little things, like addresses, from advertising flyers. It’s not something that I ran into very often in the 20th Century or even in the early years of this century. Worse yet regarding Facebook at least, but sometimes there would be a significant time delay before the change would be updated for every visitor to the site.

    “The kids these days!” 🙂

    But I’m venting, begging your pardon.

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  2. That’s OK 🙂 Our local NWSOFA is better that way, they announce events in multiple ways, sometimes… well in too many ways!


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