Capital in the Twenty-First Century Moview

I do not remember how that movie ended up in my watch list. After I started to watch Siskel From Your Sofa movies, all the third parties started to send me their newsletters, so it should have come from one of those. I was intrigued by it’s description and was looking forward to watching it.

Maybe, I had too high expectations, but the movies left me with a question: so what? Everybody should pay taxes? Richer people should pay higher taxes? Yes, I know, I agree, so what now?

Not like I didn’t like the movie, I liked it, but still…

If anybody is interested in watching, here is a list of current and future virtual screenings: Capital Movie

2 thoughts on “Capital in the Twenty-First Century Moview

  1. I found the virtual screening in my area and the movie and book seem to fit in well with the course I’m taking. It seems like it might be something that will have me drinking heavily after watching it.

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  2. No, it’s not depressing; moreover, I think there will be not much new for you in the movie. Let me know; I will be curious to hear your opinion!


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