“Plastic Wars”

One of the many things which are not normal these days is the fact that we can’t come to the stores with our reusable bags. “Until further notice,” as most of the stores as saying. 

I washed all my reusable shopping bags and all my reusable mesh grocery bags and folded them on one of the shelves in the laundry room. I hope I will be able to use them again at some point. But each time I am placing a pile of plastic bags into the garbage, my heart wrenches. 

Last week, I finally watched the documentary Plastic Wars, which was on my list for a while. It is horrifying to see all the damage that plastic does for the environment. It’s devastating to learn that even when you think you are recycling, you are often not. That makes you to disgust plastic packaging even more. And yet – that’s what we have to do these days…

I still highly recommend the movie – watch it here

2 thoughts on ““Plastic Wars”

  1. I just watched the Zoom meeting of the NW Cook Sierra Club “Pollution Solutions”. They had some great information and tips on how to reduce waste. As for the grocery bag issue, have the bagger put your food into your cart, bring it to your car and bag it there. Aldi is having folks do that now since there’s a restriction on the # of people in the store and it gets them out the door faster instead of standing at the counter and bagging their own food.
    The Zoom meeting was videotaped in case you wanted to see it. One new tidbit I learned was that compostable plastic is made from corn products which adds to the waste stream overall. Just say no to single use plastics!

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  2. Yes, ALDI does it right, I’ve noticed. with others, it’s more difficult, because their checkouts are not designed for moving the scanned items directly into your cart.

    I meant to dial to that meeting today, but then it turned out that I had to go to my mom. I will try to watch it!


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