I Didn’t Mean It!

I am not a panicker, and I did my best not to run to the store after the shelter in place was announced. But you can’t live in the society, and be independent of the society, as the Marxist theory says. And that’s how it happens.

When everybody started to stock up the toilet paper, I didn’t care. I buy all my supplies using Amazon subscriptions, and my toilet paper was not due until June. However, my other subscriptions were due on March 29, and most of the time, Amazon delivers them ahead of the actual date. 

One of the items was a pack of dishwasher tablets. Technically speaking, I still had thirty of them, but each of the bags lasts from three to four months, so I was not going to skip this delivery. But all of a sudden, when looked at my list, it said: “item is not available, we will make every effort…” Well, then I started to worry! Because what is it won’t be available in a month?! 

I started to search, and lots of other dishwasher tablets were “unavailable.” Then I became concerned and picked up the first brand I, which was in stock (which turned out to be something “eco”). It arrived in two days, but three days later, Amazon sent me a message that they will ship my “subscribe and save” item in two weeks! Now I will have two months extra supply :). 

The irony is that since I am at home every day, I indeed use more paper towels, more dishwasher tablets, more soap… And I will buy all I need when I need it, if only… people would stop hoarding!

When I examined my supply of napkins, I thought that I might want to order a next two-pack. But when I checked on Amazon, they were also “not available.” And the story was repeated: I looked for other brands and once again ordered the first, which was in stock. Four packs instead of two, just in case :). That’s how I joined the crowd with no intention to do so!

3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Mean It!

  1. A perfect illustration of how reasonable people are driven to do the unreasonable by the unreasonable.
    Things are calming down here in the Bay Area mostly because stores are placing a quantity limit on certain in demand items.

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  2. Хетти, та же история и у нас. Призодится подхватывать то, что попадет в руки именно из-за накопительства покупателей. Был момент, когда я уже реально не знала когда смогу купить, к примеру,… курицу. Потому что заходила после работы в магазин, а там в холодильниках пусто. Работник на кассе говтрил, что скупают все за час-два. Интересно, домашние холодильники у людей бездонные что ли? Понятное дело, что в нынешней ситуации каждый день в магазин ходить неправильно, но устраивать склад продовольствия на случай ядерной катастрофы дома тоже не вариант.


  3. We never had it as you’ve described in one of your earlier posts. I never stayed in lines, and I think the only crowds we had were in the big box stores. On Tuesday, I stopped at my local store to buy groceries for my Mom, and I saw a whole shelf of hand sanitizers at the front of the store, and nobody was taking them :). I do see some “Limit 2” or so here and there, but in our local store, we used to have it even before when they would have some insane sales, like a gallon of milk for $1.99, or a dozen eggs for $0.89

    I am glad things are calming down in your area and you do not need to stay in lines 🙂


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