Walking Around

6 thoughts on “Walking Around

  1. Does it mean Shelter in Place?! You can go for a walk, it’s great. In Moscow all walking are prohibited, regardless of health guidelines…

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  2. Yes, you can go for a walk if you keep a social distance. There may be specific regulations in place, like in Chicago Mayor Lori closed the Lakefront and the Riverwalk, and the parks, because people were congregating there in large groups. As you can see, the playgrounds and the outdoor gyms are closed. If you go back to the earlier posts, I posted about the letter from our Park District where they said they will close the trails if people won’t follow the guidelines. So far, people do. Also, sometime earlier, I posted the announcement of shelter in place in Illinois by our governor, where he explains what exactly it meant


  3. I think, it’s not enough… In Europe you can’t go out, still they needed at least month to get the top and begin descending… Write please about Finland in more detail.


  4. There are many countries in Europe, and each country has a very different situation. In Finland, it’s pretty much like with us; you can walk, bike, etc. However, they have virus contained, no spikes, and their health system has it under control. They had a chance to get ready, they looked at their neighbors, and took actions.
    Also, Boris is part-time with Huawei, and they send their instructions to all their employees worldwide. They encourage people to get outside.


  5. It is premature to tell at the moment, which strategy is working and which is not. All the world except China is still not over it, and it is impossible to say, which measures will prove to be more effective. I would not even try to guess.


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