Cancelations of Everything

Last week, my big New York conference was first canceled, then rescheduled for the beginning of August. The organizers still want to run training online, and then one more live training at the actual event. I agreed to do online training if there will be any participation, especially because Boris is coming anyway. If it won’t happen that all the air traffic in the world will be halted.
My speaker for March PUG also canceled, and I had to step up. As usual, in situations like that, I will be presenting myself – luckily, my NORM talk differs significantly from my original “JSON” talk.

Then comes Mom’s travels. She was supposed to go to Russia on April 1 and to be honest I do not see much difference between her being here or in Russia. However, the airlines are canceling flights, and the new schedule is much worse. For the first flight change, I spent seven hours total on the phone to find a good substitution for her. But 30 hours later, they called me and said that the return flight is not working anymore, and the only option LH has is a 5:55 AM flight, which would not work for her.

We are canceling, and now I have to spend even more time on the phone to finalize the cancelation.
Boris’ flight is not canceled so far, and Finnair sent him a message that they will do their best to fly people to whatever destinations they need to be. It’s ten more days, however, so god knows what will happen.

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