I Voted!

I voted in the primaries last Sunday, March 8, the first day when I could early-vote.  

The Greater Palatine Area Democrats newsletter stated that in Palatine Township, we are seeing a 64% increase in Early Voting so far, over the first week of Early Voting in the 2016 Primary. And more than three-fourths (1,299) of those ballots are Democratic. And this is great!

It was tough for me to cast my vote after all of my favorite candidates dropped from the race, and I had difficult conversations with my children about the situation. They both decided to vote for Sanders; as for Vlad, he was going to vote for Sanders from the very beginning. When we talked with Vlad, I mentioned that I agree with 95% of what Sanders is saying, but… And Vlad interrupted me: what are the 5% you do not agree with? I stopped to think for a moment and realized that it’s not something on his agenda that I disagree with, but rather I do not like his personality. And when I realized that I thought that I should vote for ideas, not for a personality. 

And one more thing. When we talked with Vlad, he mentioned how many people got out to vote for the first time in their lives because of Sanders. And I thought that if each of us is thinking about “who is electable,” we all won’t vote for the candidate we prefer, because we all think they are not electable. But if we all would vote for the candidate of our choice, then they may become very electable. 

And that’s why I voted the way I voted 🙂

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