Apsáalooke Women and Warriors at the Field Museum

On Tuesday, I attended an event in the Field Museum. That was one of many occasions, when I was not sure whether this is a right idea, having all other stuff going on (nope, not what you might think – I am just genuinely busy as usual) and I am so glad I went!

The museum just opened a new exhibit Apsáalooke Women and Warriors. On that day, museum members could view the exhibition during after-hours, till 8-30PM. Also, the museum hosted a panel with some Apsaalooke Nation people, including the curator of the exhibit. It was very interesting to learn about their philosophical concepts and beliefs, and about their art and fashions – I didn’t know about the elk teeth on women’s dresses – I thought it’s just an ornament, and didn’t know about men giving them to women, and how long it takes to make a traditional dress, and all other things.

Also, it was very interesting to observe during the after-panel Q&A, how the “historical-political” questions are still relevant.

Here are some photos from the exhibit:

A cradleboard
Faces of Apsaalooke women
The Chief’s headdress

The war shields are creepy and exciting!

The panelists
A performance is about to start

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