A Little Bit Crazy Baking Saturday Night

Baking was my priority last Saturday, along with twenty other priorities. There were several recipes I wanted to try, besides, my quarterly over cleaning was on my calendar, and I wanted to make sure I bake before that. Well, the latter one is just an excuse :).

First I baked the apple cider donut cake

Also, I baked two kinds of pumpkin muffins. One oil-free and another almost vegan 🙂

Dry Michigan cherries and walnuts added:)

6 thoughts on “A Little Bit Crazy Baking Saturday Night

  1. Sunday night alone, my friend has gone to visit Oxford, cold weather, I’m saving on the heating, I’ve had bad health and I don’t feel like cooking and make do with a bowl of Cheerios. Then I find your cooking/baking page, super close-ups, so close I could take a bite, oh cruel world. But, oh well another one of your talents, nice.

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  2. That’s one of the well-known deficiencies of the internet and all of the web-based communications: you can’t smell, and you can’t taste, the only worse is that you can’t hug and kiss over facetime :). But I can send you some Christmas cookies. I will announce my Missis Clause campaign pretty soon. I sent cookies all over the world, including Japan and New Zealand:)


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