Saturday – As Planned!

That’s the most amazing fact about today – I did pretty much everything I wanted, and som more!

Long (ish) bike ride in the morning:

My cleaning lady came to wash the windows, and this year, we were also to open all of them. While she was washing the windows, I did a big portion of my emails and started my submissions to PG Conf NYC. Then I went down to Jarvis square fair and bought a lot of plants for my balcony and for our courtyard vegetable garden. Then I hung out for a little bit at the fair, chatted with the neighbors who also went down there, bought a crazy artisan doughnut

and hurried to the Abortion Protection rally (and finished my conference submissions on the CTA)

After the rally was over, I went straight to the Switch on Summer event (Switching on the Buckingham fountain). Last year, I came there too early and as a result, didn’t stay till the actual turning on the fountain (it was too hot). This time, I came at about 1-15, and it was perfect!

The best ever empanadas!

And then the summer was “turned on!”

Then I went to the Art Institute to see the new Van Gogh exhibit (today was the last day of the preview)

It is hard to believe, that after all the exhibits we recently had here in the Art Institute, it was all new Van Gogh!

I returned home and planted the herbs:

Then I stopped to check on mom and then I went to the Greenleaf Art Center open house. Since I do not have any more space ot the walls for more artwork, I ended up buying a substantial number of the jewelry pieces.

… and did some yoga to finish the day!

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