Closing The Holiday Season

It was another extremely productive week. Still, many people at work were on vacation, and although many questions and issues required my intervention, I had long periods when I could focus on my big projects or debus something complex. 

Also, I kept a list of my tiny “do-to” things that must be done at some point – everyone has such a list! I managed to cut it dramatically during the first week of the New Year. I dare to say I did everything I planned:).

I keep thinking about how fortunate I am with my job, where my knowledge and skills are so much needed, and people treat me with respect and appreciate my community work as well. It feels good every day, and I am counting my blessings.

My list for this weekend was modest because the workweek was productive, but I had three huge items on my agenda: to take off all Christmas decorations, take off all tree ornaments, pack everything, and put it back into storage. And it took pretty much the whole day (except for talking to Boris and visiting mom). It sounds right because decorating took many hours as well:). When I decorate house my house for Christmas, it is one of the most joyful things because it makes my place magical. And when I take the decorations down, it feels like: Ok, the holidays are over, and it’s time to dive into life, into the new year, into all new things I want to do. 

And once again, looking back at 2022, it was just an outstanding year for my professional development, although war dominates all aspects of life. And once again, I am not depressed because of the war. I am angry but also very active and productive.

The last glance at my holiday cards before I pack them, sign the year, and put away – Thirty-four this year!

2 thoughts on “Closing The Holiday Season

  1. А я ужасно не люблю убирать новогоднее
    И это грустно, и утомительно. Каждый раз логистические проблемы, хотя этим летом я совершила настоящий подвиг: перебрала все новогоднее, разложила по коробкам и категориям… Так что после старого нового года буду заново разбирать и вспоминать.

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  2. Это трудно – у меня вчера реально весь день ушел, правда, я еще при это постирала кучу всего (рождественские половики, наволочки для диванных подушек, пледы, “юбку” от елки, и еще пришел Игорь и мы все это разместили в кладовке. Но сейчас в доме можно дышать, и атмосфера деловая, а не расслабленная.

    It IS difficult: I spent the whole day yesterday on these activities, and I mean it – from 8 AM to 8 PM. And then Igor came in the evening, and we moved all boxes to storage. But today is great – I reclaimed all the space in my house, and it all feels like I am ready to dive into work.


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