A Very Eventful Weekend

I had grand plans for the past weekend, which ended up being realized for at most 70%. If was a long weekend, starting with our monthly Wellness Friday. I went for what I hoped would be an enjoyable semi-long ride. On my way back, near Montrose Harbor, an older gentleman decided to cross to the exit from the pedestrian lane right in front of me. I had no time to brake, and I did my best to make a sharp left turn so I won’t knock him off. I still touched him, but slightly, so he didn’t fall. As for me, I ended up falling off, although not very bad.

My chain had fallen off, the handlebar turned sideways, and my knee was scratched pretty seriously, but at least I didn’t get a concussion! 

Still, it was a bad start to the day. I lost a lot of time fixing the chain, straightening the handlebar, getting back on the Trail, and then taking care of my knee at home. 

And then, I could not return to my original plans for most of the weekend. The heavy rain most of Saturday didn’t help either. To be fair, I planned a little bit too much for this weekend, and it is possible that I would have to abandon many of my plans regardless of this bike accident, but I still blame those who do not look to the left and the right before crossing!

The list of good things that happened:

  • I swam in the lake on the only day when it was possible (Friday)
  • Recorded an hour-long podcast with Hasura (should go live tomorrow)
  • Went to the Bridgeport Art Center Open House with Igor
  • Went escorting
  • Saw a part of the Chicago Air and Water show (and figured out how I am going to do it next year)
  • Visited the Glenwood Art Fair
  • Baked a pumpkin pie and a blueberry pie
  • Gave a lengthy interview about MAC hosting
  • Finished one of the five presentations for my fall conferences
Bridgeport Art Center
Bridgeport Art Center
Bridgeport Art Center
Taking the Brown Line to North Avenue Beach
The rainy Air and Water Show
Air and Water Show
Glenwood Art Fest
Glenwood Art Fest


  • Didn’t go to the first day of the new Art Institute Exhibit on Friday
  • Didn’t go to the free Lyric Opera concert at Millennium Park on Sunday

Still not a bad weekend!

3 thoughts on “A Very Eventful Weekend

  1. Hettie, I hope that (apart fgom the knee scratch) you won’t have any consequences ! Does the surgery you went through few years ago impose any limitations ? / chamaimelon

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    1. No, fortunately not! I would say I am 100% back to normal, but it won’t be entirely true – my left side is still weaker, and I still have to be 100 straight when I walk, but I can walk as much as I need/can, I mean, if I am tired, I am tired, but not like I am experiencing any pain.


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