I think that it has been at least forty years since I visited Trakai, and all these years I wanted to do it again. Boris was there more recently but he was also surprised by the changes. When we entered the castle, he even said – but that’s a different castle! The castle was the same, it’s just that there was a lot of reconstruction work done in the past years.

Here is the information about Trakai Castle, and I will just say that it is beautiful, even when the weather is not so good :).

I didn’t remember from the first time I visited that there was and still is a large Karaim and Tatar population, our guide told us how they were invited/resettled by Grand Duke Vytautas, and that their culture is still preserved. Since by that time we were already on the road for a while, we started our visit to Trakai with lunch at a Karaim restaurant.

Lunch in Karaim restaurant on the lake – kibinai, traditional Karaites food
Ginger tea
There was water here when the castle was built.

The sticks on the left are silver money
The lightweight body armor used by Lithuanians in the battle of Grunwald
The castle floor-warming system
The Karaim Church

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