Lots Of Presents

What else about Christmas? There was a lot of cooking and a lot of washing dishes, as I already mentioned. And there were presents. 

Nadia spent a lot of time coloring the wooden ornaments, and then she packed them for different people. It was great to see that she already understands the joy of giving.


I was very happy with the presents I picked for my granddaughters. I got insider information from Anna that Nadia thinks that Baba will give her ice skates for Christmas. I was happy to follow up :).

Then, when I was shopping for smaller gifts on the IKEA site, I spotted a rocking moose! I knew right away that it would be a perfect gift for Kira!

It took me many days to wait until it would become available for any kind of delivery/pickup, and it finally became available for a pickup in Milwaukee. It was 6-30 AM, but I clicked “complete purchase” and texted Anna. She picked up the moose and assembled it. It was waiting for me at Anna’s house, and I brought a giant bag to pack it. 

Indiana Dunes calendar from Igor

Vlad and Dylon made a surprise visit, or rather the whole series of surprise visits, storming through Wisconsin and Illinois right after Christmas. I love the DC gifts!

Especially that one below:

Also, the overseas packages started to arrive! I got a package from Germany, and my most favorite Christmas package of all – from New Zealand, the box completely ruined by water (god know where), but the contents all intact!

I feel so incredibly loved!

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