Visiting Michigan

Over the weekend, I was at the beach house of my son-in-law’s family. His mother was trying to organize this trip for a very long time, and each time, something didn’t work. We finally made it, and I was also able to convince my mom to go. The weather was absolutely perfect- very warm and sunny, but not too hot. There is a real forest surrounding the house, and the water is as clean as it can be. Of course, that also meant more time with Anna, John, and the girls.

My son-in-law found a mantis
Not sure how this device is called
Same as in other places, Lake Michigan is rising, overtaking the beach

And being on the opposite side of the lake, we could watch a sunset.

Next morning

Mom and I took the South Shore Line to Michigan City, and Amtrak on the way back. If the schedule (or mom) would be more cooperative we would take Amtrak both ways!

New Buffalo Marina
Amtrak train arrrival

3 thoughts on “Visiting Michigan

  1. Oh, that’s because I was using the pics from Igor’s album! I just created a sharable copy, but it will take me some time to replace everything. You should see more now, but I will let you know when I replace all of them!


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