We Moved My Mom!

On the one hand, it was way easier than moving me because mom only had 22 boxes, not 155, and she has less of the furniture, and both places are on the first floor. But, on the other hand … that was a phycological challenge. Mom did not understand how to pack, and although I told her multiple times that I will pack everything, she was still trying to get things into piles, and then she would get upset when I break these piles. Also, she wanted to take with her all the plastic bags from the stores she accumulated over the past three years and all the disposable packaging she ever had …

Skipping all the details: I was able to pack everything, Vlad rented a truck, Dylan drove me to Palatine, we loaded the truck and unloaded.

When we arrived at her new place, Igor came to help us unpack. Then we all had lunch together, and then Vlad and Dylon left, and Igor and I continued to unpack mom.

When we were mostly done, we took her for a walk to the beach.

Later, I came back and took her to the Morse Fresh Market, which is just 5 minutes walk from her house.

think that although she was super stressed, she actually liked her new situation :). At least, she thanked us wholeheartedly when we came to the beach:)

5 thoughts on “We Moved My Mom!

  1. А что вы сделали с пластиковой упаковкой?
    Уговорили сдать в переработку?

    И – боже, как прекрасно жить у озера.

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    1. К сожалению, не уговорили. Перевезли. Игорь посмотрел на это и сказал, что у него есть горячее желание пересмотреть, что он сам хранит 🙂


      1. Как адепт “собирать и сдавать” горячо одобряю желание Игоря ))
        Даже один человек в таком деле важен.

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