This Place Starts To Look LIke Me:)

As I already mentioned, the first night in the new place was without the heat, which we all survived. In the morning, Anna went to the Charmer’s Cafe across the street and picked up all the breakfast options she found there :). We all had breakfast around the partially folded dining room table.

Then, John and Kira went back to Milwaukee, and Anna and Nadia stayed to help us with more unpacking and move stuff around. One of the bookshelves had to be delivered to Igor, and empty boxes went to my mom – her move is on May 23. We also asked her to pick up a couple of things from my old house, which we left behind. That ended up being a bad idea, but at that time, I thought we need them.
Then the girls left, and Boris and I continued unpacking and finding places for things.

All my new neighbors are exceptionally friendly and helpful. Funny story: it turned out that this lady who “sold” the unit to me by describing the community and how she would never move – she liked me as well! And after our short conversation, she told the other neighbors that she hopes “this nice lady” will buy the place.

We tried to prioritize things that had to be done together before Boris’s departure. That included the things I could not do without him, like assembling a sleeper sofa and agreeing on our “design guidelines.” The only thing we should have done while he was here and we didn’t was hanging one more mirror.
With books, we decided that we will just put them on the shelves randomly and will figure out the specific order later.

Most importantly, we agreed on how the living room should look like. I made a point not to insist on something I have in mind but to make sure that that’s what Boris likes as well. For the sunroom, we are still missing the side blinds (this size is out of stock in IKEA for months) and the KALLAX small units (I am almost ready to pay a double price on Amazon, especially now when I realized I do not need three of them, but two at max, or maybe even just one). Anyway – that’s how it looks now:

The yoga mat was there temporarily, I forgot to remove it 🙂
This sofa can be converted into a full bed
There is enough space to display everything I want!
Boris’s desk and bookshelves
My New breakfast place

4 thoughts on “This Place Starts To Look LIke Me:)

  1. Looks really good! I like that you didn’t place anything against the windows and your view is not obstructed. The bookshelves fitted nicely and I didn’t realize you had a fireplace. Is it real? Or did it use to be real and is for decoration only now? Liza has one of those, takes up the entire length of the wall, but not functional. The cat loves to sit on the mantel – this is the only use 🙂

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    1. Yes, the fireplace is for decorative purposes. This house was built in 1908, and then it was used for heating. It is giant, so it could really heat the whole place. But during the rehab in 2005, it was covered by bricks. Still, it’s huge, lots of room for all sorts of decorations and all my “museum” things.


  2. Выглядит всё замечательно и очень удобно. Еще бы посмотреть кухню, когда будет готово.
    Но меня все-таки беспокоит третий этаж. Маме нормально будет регулярно ходить вот так?

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    1. Извини, тут все комменты по-русски автоматически уходят в спам:), я не могу с этим ничего поделать кроме как вынимать по-одному. Кухня уже готова, она маленькая, и каки весь дом, рассчитана на великанов :).
      Этаж – какой есть. Маме регулярно не надо, ее новая квартира на первом этаже, про это мы специально заботились. А так она сюда уже поднялась пару раз в тот день, когда я переезжала.


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