Masks One More Time

I just finished watching this video about ethical questions and COVID vaccine One of the things which were discussed was a fact that not wearing a mask is a disrespect to everybody around you. I agree with this statement entirely, and that being said – back to masks in the gym. After I published that post, I went to the gym on Sunday and discovered the sign requiring to wear masks on the gym door:

I thought that having this sign is out there I will feel comfortable calling out the maskless people. But when the situation presented itself, I didn’t say a world. That kind of behavior does not make me look good, but it is what it is. I quite literally felt scared around these big guys!

Now, I need to decide whether I will be ready “to say something,” or I should just stop going to the gym till the end of March!

4 thoughts on “Masks One More Time

  1. That is astounding that they aren’t wearing masks. I have been so proud of our Chicago area for their adherence compared to what I’ve experienced going to FL in January to take care of an elderly relative. I was beside myself with anxiety every time we’d stop at a gas station on the highways and I’d have to use a restroom, so many people were maskless. Florida was just as terrible. I couldn’t wait to get back to the snow and cold of Chicago for some COVID normalcy. From what I observed, I think it’s a testosterone-linked mental deficiency in common sense.

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      1. It just does not automatically log you in. After you hit Reply click on the small WP button on the bottom, and it will authorise you! Glad to hear from you!


    1. Yes! And this is specifically suburban gyms problem. To be fair many of them required masks all along, but I am in the constant fight with this particular one.


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