Vaccination One More Time

They called me three times on Friday! First, to confirm mom’s appointment for Monday. One more time, because they forgot to remind me that mom needs to bring her ID to verify her age so that she won’t be turned down. And the third time – from her doctor’s office, because they didn’t receive that information yet, and they wanted to make sure we know about the vaccination. It was very touching, but I can’t stop resenting it took so long to figure things out!

On the same day, I received a message from my health care provider that the vaccine is available to the patients and that everybody will be contacted individually when there will be a turn for their age group. Once again – great, but why in the world it took co long?!

3 thoughts on “Vaccination One More Time

    1. As I was saying in the previous post on that subject, it looks like everywhere is better than in Suburban Cook County. Technically speaking, we have the vaccine administered in Walgreens and Osco, but people are trying to reserve their spot for days.

      I hope it will be better and looks like it is becoming better, but it’s frustrating that since mid-January nobody could figure it out :(. Just today I saw on the NextDoor one story of a person who got their appointment, and how difficult it was!


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