“After The Holidays” Recipes

In December, whenever I would come across some interesting recipes, I would say to myself: after the holidays! Now, after the holidays is already here, and also, I had a lot of leftovers of the things which I bought “just for that recipe.” Here are several of my “after the holidays” creations.

I had half a package of ricotta left from my ricotta and merengue buns, and I had half a bag of spinach, which was left from the quiche, and I had some frozen puff pastry – here is a result:

It was fast and easy, and I really liked it!

Next, I saw a recipe in one of my favorite cooking blogs which used the apricot jam leftovers. And I had a jar of leftover apricot filling from kolacki, and couldn’t decide what to do with them!.

After solving a very complex mathematical problem of making 2/3 of this recipe, the result came out delicios:

And my last leftover recipe… it’s funny, because it all started when I wanted to bake this low-calories-low-everything cake after the holidays. And I baked it on December 26, and something went wrong, and I didn’t like the result. I wanted to try one more time – also, I had a half of the whole milk greek yogurt package, which this recipe called for. And what I was supposed to do with the other half?!

This time around, it turned out great. I think, the problem in the original recipe is the time for beating egg whites – it should be 5 minutes:)

And while I am on the subject of cooking: a friend suggested the salad that combines turnips and tomatoes. That sounded like completely crazy idea, but ended up being great! (Plus arugula plus plain Greek yogurt)

And yes, I am under a lot of stress today! But I will write about it tomorrow:)

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