Time To Give Gifts, And Time To Receive Gifts

Almost all f my parcels, except for one, already reached their destinations, which delights me. I haven’t heard from two people who have received my parcels according to the USPS, but I hope to hear from them soon.

And now finally the packages which were sent to me started to Arrive.
That’s the gift I received from Kentucky.

The vanilla body lotion is heavenly, and the ornament is beautiful. When I realized that my new friend sent me the components to mix, add the liquid components, and bake-it-myself, I had mixed feelings, which might be understandable after 774 cookies :).

But let me tell you – these cookies are exquisite! She said it would make a dozen cookies, and it ended up being precisely a dozen. Perfect texture. Perfect taste.

I was waiting for four more packages, with two of them from English-speaking countries, one from Germany and one from Russia.

When I looked out at my front porch on Christmas Eve and saw neither English-speaking nor Russian-Speaking package, I immediately thought that is from Germany and messaged my friend. But then I saw that the chocolates were not German 🙂 and it turned out it was from Sweden!
Can you imagine how much chocolate was inside?! There are truffles with cloudberry! And a chocolate bar with tea and lemon flavor! How cool is that?!

Today, my neighbor stopped by with her cookies.

And a couple of days before Christmas, I got a jar of fig jam from a person who makes the best fig jam in the whole world!

The cards were late this year, but they finally started to arrive and to fill in the space over my fireplace.

And another precious moment happened last night. I told Anna that one thing I miss this Christmas are Christmas carols – I had none of them this year. And She and John called me later, and sang several carols for me. It was so heartwarming!

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