In Chicago

On Tuesday, I went to Chicago, mostly to deliver cookies for several people in the city. I was surprised and delighted to see that they put up a Christmas tree inside the Palatine train station.

There is way less people n the train that in was in October, but still more than in March and April.

When I came to the office doors, I said two big boxes, and realized that one of our vendors still sent us Christmas chocolates:

That was my only visit to the city this season, so during my lunch break, I met with a friend and we walked to the Macy’s windows and to the Millennium park.

The Macy’s windows are pretty modest this year, but I was still happy that they were out there:

And the tree – I was wearing a t-shirt when they were installing it!

Unfortunately, I could not come inside the ODS – the volunteering is postponed till the end of March. But we agreed that I will bring cookies – and I put together a giant box (and a box of chocolate ornaments.

… I am holding a lot of hopes for next year!

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