Christmas Shipping

During the Christmas season, I try to ship my domestic parcels in the USPS kiosk, and I try to do it late at night when there is no line (they are open 24X7).

I planned to do it on Saturday, but since I didn’t have access to my car, I could no do it, and Vlad came only on Sunday afternoon, and after all the other things I had to address, I when to the post office late at night on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the outcome was expected: by that time, there were so many parcels left in the course of the weekend that the loading door won’t open. I thought that I could at least print the labels, but the kiosk screen was also stuck in the “Please wait” mode!

i did not want to stay in the line on Monday, so I finally learned how to use Click&Ship, and printed all the labels at home, and paid online :). I could even arrange a pickup at home, but I didn’t want to wait for another day, so I drove to the post office to drop them off.

Christmas baking – the second installment
Chocolate-almond tea cakes
White chocolate macadamia
Outrageous double-chocolate cookies
All labels are printed!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Shipping

  1. Hettie, we’ve got the cookies this morning! They are wonderfully tasty, thank you so much, and thank you for all the Christmas wishes and inspiring words! / chamaimelon (Lisa)

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  2. Great! You were the first to receive them this year! Did they arrive with no breakage? I know they are tasty anyway 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas!


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