Rules and What’s Not

Mom is keeping asking me what is allowed and what is not allowed. She asked about me going/not going to the office since last week, about my volunteering, and pretty much about everything I am doing. 

Somehow it is hard for me to explain to her that even if something is not prohibited, it does not mean you should do it. I tried to cite what the governor said: if you do not have to do that – do NOT do that.

The same thing often happens when I talk to people from Russia. Quite often, it’s a question: are you allowed to do this and that? 

And it is hard for these people to process my answer: it is not forbidden, but you should use your best judgment. 

I meant to write about it for a while. It is such a small thing that each time I would stop and decide against writing about it… Now I did, and I am still not sure how to explain why such behavior bothers me. It’s simply that you can govern people through each and single step; they should be able to make their own decisions. If they do not understand why specific behavior is the right one, you can’t expect them to adopt such behavior. Just saying

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