Some People… Sigh…

Yesterday, I went to the haircut, and while there, we talked with my hairdresser about me going to the office, about mask-wearing, and all this nowadays small talk 🙂
And she told me about a client she had a couple of days before. All the time in her chair, he was talking trash about Nancy Pelosi and how hypocritical she is, not wearing a mask while doing a haircut… all that nor wearing a mask himself!

My hairdresser said: I told him, yes, I agree; it is very disrespectful not to wear a mask when you have a haircut. You are putting another person in danger. But, my hairdresser concluded, he didn’t get the message!

I asked her, could she refuse him a service per Governor Pritzker order? And she said: no, we can’t reject any client these days!

I feel very sorry for her because she is a person here who puts her life in danger. And I can’t wrap my head around such behavior!

2 thoughts on “Some People… Sigh…

  1. That’s infuriating. There are laws in place here that would allow a hairdresser/stylist to not even let him into the building if he wasn’t wearing a mask. It sounds harsh, but it also takes the onus off of the hairdresser/stylist. It can be hard with so many people unwilling to wear masks and putting people at risk. I feel for her for the risks being taken cutting people’s hair when they don’t have a mask.

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  2. I am very sorry for her! She is very young, but she is so mature and reasonable, and building her future, attending college at night and everything. She knows better than going to parties and such. When I reacted with dismay she said: I cleaned everything after he left! And the chair! And I told her that I do not worry about me sitting in this chair but about her.


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