My Mailbox

FOr the past two weeks, from time to time I find Morrison’s campaign materials in my mailbox. I do not know whether his campaign decided to cut on data analyst or what, but my mail looks funny together:

Two days ago, my vote by mail package arrived. I am impressed by the number of languages:)

I am still undecided though whether I wan to vote by mail or vote early.

2 thoughts on “My Mailbox

  1. I’ve received my ballot and can vote by mail or take it to a drop box. That said I’m leaning towards voting at the polling place. We live in a small district and I’m not concerned about lines or being in close proximity to others

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  2. For me, it is a pure question of time – early voting in Illinois will only start on Oct 19, and I am planning to be out for another crazy adventure. And if I choose to mail my ballot, it has to be this Monday – I feel it a little bit risky mailing after Oct 22. I really want to vote in person, but I want to be sure I will have time to do so.


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