Beautiful Moments – Sunday

Sunday was extremely hot; the heat index reached 97F by midday. But early in the morning, I was still able to go for a long bike ride and greet the morning sun in the Forest Preserve.

This summer, I tried to take mom for a walk every Sunday. There were no other activities, no outdoor concerts to go, no friends to visit. All she could do was to walk the same streets close to her house. So I thought I could at least do that – take her to the forest preserve, where she can’t get by herself.

Most of the time, I take her to the blooming prairie, but when it is going to be very hot, I take her to the woodland, where we can at least find some shade. In the late summer, when nothing blooms, the walks in the woods are less exciting, but I was trying to point to the leaves, which started to change colors, to the ivy, weaving around the tree, and other things.

After I dropped mom at her home, I got back to writing, and the temperature outside was rising, so I could not even think of having a break outside.

But then I found a good reason – it is called ice-cream 🙂

I put my Mac Air in my backpack, hopped on the bike, and biked to the train station; I had to park my bike there because there was no bike rack at my target destination. And my target destination was an ice-cream and coffee shop Christy’s Delight. They just recently returned to almost regular working hours. I got in and ordered a chocoholic sundae and a medium cappuccino, large even by American standards.

And then I sat in this gorgeous place, all by myself, cool but not cold, because the air conditioning was just perfect like this. And I sat there for a good forty minutes, finishing this sundae, and this cappuccino, and writing, and feeling as good as you possibly can feel when it is +97F outside

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