Gelato For Lunch :)

On Saturday, we went to the Art Institute (because I wanted to give Boris a chance to see Cezanne properly, not chasing our granddaughters). We went early in the morning for Members’ hours, which allowed us to reduce the time spent outside in extreme heat. We agreed that we would check the same lunch place we tried to go to a week earlier, and if it won’t crowded, we would have lunch there. However, we stopped at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe – the gelato place which was advertised a while ago had finally opened!

Immediately, I screamed that we were going to repeat our Genoa experience and have gelato instead of lunch – and we did!

Note this “Signature” creation- that’s what each of us got!
You can have a different flavor for each petal!
… and a macaron on top!

And they are open every day from 11 to 11! That means you can have gelato after any concert!!! I am loving it!

Ice-cream is Essential!

I didn’t walk in that direction for a while. The only reason for me to walk in that direction was going to the fitness center, and it is closed now. But the other day I did, and to my surprise, I found the local ice-cream shop opened! For carry-out only, of course, but still, I was pleasantly surprised. The next day, I walked with a purpose:).

Who would argue that ice-cream is essential?!