The Post My Friends Were Waiting For – Food!

I always blog a lot about food in Helsinki, because I like it so much, and because it is so different from other places. And since I do not want to end up having each and single of my Finnish blog post about food, I decided to have a separate food post. My old friends know 🙂

In summer, the best part is the abundance of local berries. Local strawberries are tiny and taste a lot like wild strawberries. I do not have pictures this time, but Boris added them to every fruit salad we consumed.

Unfortunately, it was too early for black and red currants, but wild blueberries were available in the stores and the cloudberries – you can’t find them in the US.

Then comes the salmon soup – the best staple of Finnish cuisine, FOr the past two years we favored the one from the shore cafe in Suomenlinna, but Boris told me that they stopped serving it. We tried in two other places, and the Fazer cafe didn’t fail us.

One of our favorite deserts is a rhubarb pie, and we tried it,

and then – endless Fazer cakes:


and a fantastic gelato from the new stand, very close to our home.

Yet another line of favorites: all the yogurts, skyrs, and other dairy products, which do not even have a name in English. Last year, I started to smuggle them in my checked luggage into the US to have another week of dairy pleasures:)

I also love Finnish bread, all kinds of it. Recently, Boris discovered an amazing apricot-hazelnut bread, and I had it – a lot of it! – and took some home.

Apricot bread and a blueberry bun

A cinnamon bun is not a bread, but where should I put it? It’s the first thing I eat when I come to Helsinki. Finnish cinnamon bun are different from Danish and Swedish (and do not even mention an American parody of a bun!

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