Air Travel During Pandemic

In case you are wondering how it is to travel in these crazy times, here is how it went.
The First Terminal of ORD was pretty empty. After the check-in line (which was long but very socially distant and everything), I went to the TSA, and there was nobody before or after me. They have glass shields in front of each officer, and they asked me to take the mask off for just a couple of seconds, and then I went to have my luggage scanned, and I was also scanned, all as usual, just very fast since there is no wait.

There were very few people in the Terminal, some cafes open, others closed. I didn’t get any food because I was still feeling nervous and could barely eat since morning.

The notoriously long Lufthansa boarding line was also shorted, although the aircraft was far from being empty. They left the middle seats unoccupied, and also there was almost nobody in the first and business class. But more of the other seats were filled.

After I got off Uber and entered the Terminal, I switched to a really good mask, which I bought on Etsy a week earlier. The only problem with this mask is that I had to ask Vlad to help me assemble it. But it is most certainly a mask in which you can breathe, as advertised 🙂

On the long flight, they served dinner, which was OK, but there was no variety. And since providing both vegetarian and not meals was not possible, it ended up being vegetarian for all.

Before landing, they gave us a tiny breakfast. Surprisingly, the coffee was better than usual.
I felt comfortable taking my mask off while eating because the seating was sparse.

In Frankfurt, I had to pass the actual border control, but since I was permitted on the flight, I was pretty sure there will be no problem, and it was not. I presented my papers again and got my passport stamped.

Since there were no lines for passport control, I had almost free hours until my next flight. Even though every other seat in the airport is closed for sitting, there is still enough place.

I decided not to go anywhere from the gate. There was free internet and plenty of electric outlets so that I could do something productive. Since there was not much food on the long flight and still three hours towards the short one, I decided to get some food from the stand. I did, but let’s put it that way: it didn’t meet my expectations.

The flight to Helsinki was almost packed; the row where I was sitting was full. On that flight, they only feed the business class, which was at least half full. I could get a muesli bar and a cup of coffee, but I decided against it. In Helsinki, there was no more border control; I got on the train to the city right away, met Boris at the Railway station, then ate three meals in three hours and then slept for eight hours straight, which does not happen to me in real life. So our current hypophysis is that I am still sleeping 🙂

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